Kreayshawn, Who?

Who is Kreayshawn you ask? Well, she wears many hats (non-designer of course) but recently she’s the front woman of Oakland rap group White Girl Mob, or W.G.M. if you’re gangsta.

After graduating from the Berkeley Digital Film Institute Kreayshawn (Natassia Gail Zolot) began directing videos for west coast rapper LIL B. But it seems this pint sized diva quickly grew dissatisfied with staying behind the camera, and thanks to a new contract with Columbia records, can now hit the gritty Hip-Hop streets running.

So what’s my take on her?

I admit, when my friend told me to check this girl out I Pre-Hated on her.??HARD.??Keep in mind the brief sum of her swagger was summed up using key words: white girl, hip-hop rapper, semi-offensive.

Of course I rushed over to Youtube to see this “Kreayshawn” for myself and before I knew it…I WAS SINGING ALONG!!

Say what you will about Kreayshawn but she’s certified entertainment!??A year ago I might have accused her of impersonating but today, Pop Hip-Hop has changed its face so many times, who even knows what it is anymore.

All I know is that this girl believes herself, therefore, I believe her too. The song is catchy and her rhyming never made me laugh out loud, rewind, play again and laugh out loud again. That being said??? check her out and come to your own conclusions!

Ladies and Gentleman I present to you a White Girl Mobster named Kreayshawn:

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